BecomingX Education

BecomingX Education is a digital solution for schools focused on personal development, helping educators teach the personal attributes needed to succeed.

The annual subscription includes:

1) Library: World-class content based on leading educational, psychological and neuroscientific research. Every lesson is introduced by Bear Grylls and comes with slides, films, lesson plans, activities and resources - at the touch of a button. Over 100 lessons covering Years 7 - 13, plus assemblies and bitesize discussions to enable staff to consistently deliver key messages and get students engaged.

2) Cinema: Short films with the world's most inspiring and iconic people, sharing their insights on what it takes to succeed.

3) Tools: Practical resources and guidance to help deliver a world-class personal development programme. This includes filmed interviews from leading educators, academics and experts, tools to help facilitate the process and external research and links to support with fulfilling statutory requirements.

4) Surveys: A digital survey to understand how your students see their personal development progress. Easy to administer, with detailed reports and analysis, educators can develop robust strategies and interventions based on accurate data and track progress over time.

5) Experiences: Classroom, local and international experiences to help students learn in practice. This includes bookable workshops, an interactive map of curated local experiences as well as international trips delivered by an award-winning adventure travel company.

6) Rewards: Significant discounts for schools with major suppliers, as well as a series of rewards for staff members at a variety of leading companies and retailers, saving money on products and experiences.

There are a number of benefits for students, staff and institutions:

- Increased engagement: Students love our content - it is highly engaging, interactive, presented by Bear Grylls, has insights from their heroes, and features real-world and practical activities
- Greater understanding of success: Our lessons cover the skills, attitudes, knowledge and relationships needed to succeed (with real-world examples), including how to support physical and mental health
- Exciting experiences: Our local and international experiences provide opportunities to learn in practice

- Significant time saving: Staff get access to 100+ age and outcome specific 'plug and play' lessons, assemblies and discussions, complete with full lesson plans and resources, saving significant research and preparation time
- World-class quality: Our heavily researched content is produced with the highest production values possible, allowing teachers to focus on doing what they do best
- Significant personal benefits: Staff save an estimated £200-300 a year each through the rewards we provide with retail, health, lifestyle and travel companies

- Tools: Practical resources to design and deliver high-performance personal development programmes across the whole institution
- Measurable impact: Surveys allow institutions to get detailed understanding of their students' perspectives allowing schools to design tailored programmes and to analyse the impact of their interventions
- Ready-made experiences: Provides easy access to classroom, local and international experiences, specifically designed to build the personal attributes needed to succeed
- Commercial savings: Provides significant commercial savings on technology, books, stationery, etc.

Yes - BecomingX Education is currently available for all UK Secondary schools and all-throughs.

You can subscribe online, choosing from free or paid subscription options: Premium, Lite, or Educator

If you are a MAT or Corporate and would like to subscribe or sponsor multiple schools, please contact us.

If you have been given an Activation Code for a Premium subscription for your school, please use the link in your email to redeem.

We are in the process of preparing to launch in other countries later in the year - you can sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date with our progress.

We will be following up with primary school, college and university services in the next 12 months. If you are outside the UK and really can't wait, do get in touch - although until we launch internationally some parts of the product (e.g. experiences and rewards) will be tailored to the UK.

Our platform is designed for staff members to use - it currently can't be used by students. We will be launching e-learning for students, to complement classroom based sessions, in the future.

Yes - absolutely. If you are a parent, alumni or business who wishes to support your local school by sponsoring an annual subscription of BecomingX Education, click here.

We also work with corporates and other institutions who wish to sponsor subscriptions for schools or groups of schools - please contact us to discuss further.

At the most fundamental level, we help students to develop the personal attributes - the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships - needed to succeed. 

This type of education goes by many names; 'character education', 'PHSE', 'social and emotional learning', 'essential skills', 'life skills', 'employability skills', 'skills to succeed', 'soft skills'.

Specifically, the attributes we aim to build are - 
1) Skills: Solution finder, effective communicator, team player, inspiring leader
2) Knowledge: Lifelong learner, healthy performer, expert practitioner, reflective thinker
3) Attitudes: Ambitious dreamer, go getter, resilient survivor
4) Relationships: Respectful operator, tribe builder, deal maker

We currently have 99 lessons (1 lesson per year group for each of our 14 attributes, plus an introductory lesson), 12 assemblies and 12 bitesize discussions.

See 'Science of success' for more information on our 14 attributes.

We think there are a number of reasons why our content stands alone:
1) Evidence-based: Our lessons are based on in-depth research and first-hand interviews with the world's highest performers. We really do know what it takes to succeed.
2) Truly engaging: Our lessons are designed to maximise student engagement with introductions presented by Bear Grylls, class discussions, filmed insights from the world's most inspiring and iconic people and activities.
3) Interactive: All of our lessons are highly interactive, with students having an active role after just 3 minutes of starting a lesson.
4) Real-world activities: Our lessons are practical and based on real-world scenarios, partnering with leading companies, NGOs and individuals.
5) Robust educational principles: Our lessons are developed based on robust educational neuroscience, reviewed by an advisory board of top educators and experts.
6) Production values: All of our lessons are professionally designed to the highest standards and feature cinema quality footage and imagery.

The PSHE Association no longer quality assures 'whole programmes' like BecomingX Education. However, all of our lessons have been designed based on the ten principles of effective PSHE education.

An easy to administer online personal development survey, available to students at any point throughout the year using a simple link with no codes.

The survey focuses on understanding five areas:
1) Aspirations for the future
2) Experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic
3) Understanding of what it takes to 'succeed'
4) Views on their school/college (e.g. teaching, facilities, culture etc.)
5) Self-assessment of their own skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships

The survey is completely anonymous - students are not asked for their name. Results are only visible to defined administrators within each institution and are aggregated to further preserve anonymity. A published PDF report is made available for institutions to communicate results more broadly to staff.

Surveys are available with the School Lite and School Premium subscriptions.

Potentially yes. Please get in touch if you think your site can help students build their skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships.

Simply click on the link in the email you have received and you will be prompted to enter your Activation Code. You will then be guided through the login process and able to set your own password. Once you are logged in you can add your colleagues onto the system.

If an Activation Code isn't used within 28 days it will expire. Unfortunately, if you have been offered a code as a gift and not redeemed it within 28 days you may not be able to receive your membership gift.

Activation Codes only need to be used once - after that the primary administrator can add additional users.

Please contact us if you are having any issues at all redeeming your Activation Code, we can usually sort things out for you straight away!

Subscription Options and Payment

The fee includes subscription to the platform for a year, for all registered staff at an institution. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. VAT is excluded in the advertised price per student. Over time, we will add 'modules' to BecomingX Education which will be priced separately.

Our fee is based on a per student basis, using publicly available data to derive numbers. We do this given the significant variation in size between schools and to ensure our products are affordable to smaller institutions. If you believe that the data we are using is incorrect, or we are calculating the membership fee incorrectly, please get in touch.

Please note that for all-throughs the number of students used to calculate the price is for the whole school: primary age content will be added to your subscription in the coming months at no additional cost.

There are two key reasons why we charge less per pupil for state schools than we do to independent schools:
1) Subsidising state sector: Our goal is to maximise the impact of product and to reach the greatest number of people. To do that, we need to ensure our product is affordable for the mass market (state sector) where budgets are significantly less than in the private sector. The actual cost of our product is reflected in the price paid by independent schools and partially subsidised the cost for the state sector.
2) School sizes and staff ratios: Independent schools tend to have fewer pupils and a greater number of staff per pupil. As staff members and institutions benefit significantly through our member benefits, the value received is proportionally much greater for an independent school.
Whilst we know this may not always be popular, even with differentiated pricing, the average independent school still pays 20% less total cost than an average state school given the lower number of pupils.

We offer a full refund within 14 days of purchase, after which we are unable to provide a full or partial refund. However, should a school/college use any of the rewards/discounts within the first 14 days, we will not be able to provide a refund.

We charge VAT on all purchases (excluded in the price per pupil). However, schools that are VAT registered can claim this back as BecomingX Education is an education service.

An institution may pay by direct debit (preferred) or debit/credit card. (We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Delta and Maestro credit and debit cards. We also accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.)

If neither option is suitable, please contact us to arrange an alternative. 

Verification emails are sent immediately - please check your junk email if it doesn't appear in your inbox within a couple of minutes. Once you have verified your email and set your password, you have immediate access.

For Premium, in most cases, payments with Direct Debit or credit/debit cards are processed immediately and you will be granted access to BecomingX Education straight away.

Yes. UK Secondary School Educators are able to subscribe to our Lite version, which is available for both Individuals and Schools. The Lite version is free and includes eight lessons as well as a subset of of our features. The School Lite version also includes the ability to use Surveys. Click here for more information on the subscription options. 

There are three subscription options available for UK Secondary School Educators: Educator - Lite, School - Lite and School - Premium.

Educator - Lite is a free option for individuals to be able to explore the platform, use the cinema and try out lessons. School - Lite adds the ability to run a survey for your school, and add other colleagues. Premium includes all content, tools, and rewards.

BecomingX Education for Primary will be launched later this year (and will be automatically added to all-through premium subscriptions).

We will be announcing dates for expansion outside of the UK - please sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed. 

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