BecomingX Foundation
Supporting those who need it most

We set up the BecomingX Foundation to help realise our vision of a world where everyone can realise their potential, no matter what their starting point in life.

As an independent education charity, registered in the UK and the USA, the BecomingX Foundation works in lower-income countries and underserved communities by using BecomingX's educational content and capabilities to help people build the aspirations, skills and confidence to succeed. Specifically, it aims to support three groups of people:

1. School and university students in lower-income countries
2. Organisations supporting people in underserved communities
3. Individuals around the world striving to realise their potential

To support the Foundation, BecomingX provides all of our education content, intellectual property, operational support and, at a minimum, 10% of revenues from our education services.

Ambition one million

Over the next 5 years, the BecomingX Foundation aims to support 1 million young people to help them realise their potential - raising their aspirations and building their skills and confidence to succeed. Its strategy is focused on three areas:

Education programmes
Working with partners to provide skills-based educational content and teaching in lower-income countries

Grass roots partnerships
Supporting community-based initiatives to provide opportunities for young people to apply themselves and build their skills and confidence

Realising Potential Awards
Providing financial awards to individuals who are striving to realise their potential, but without the financial means to do so


Support us

Support the BecomingX foundation

To scale its operations, the BecomingX Foundation requires support beyond that provided by BecomingX. You can donate to the Foundation using the below link, or take part in an event to fundraise for them. They have worked with Atlantic Rowers, Round the World Sailors and mountain climbers to create compelling fundraising plans to raise money and deliver an impact.

Support us

Get in touch

You can get in touch with the BecomingX Foundation at potential@becomingxfoundation.org. Whilst they want to expand their impact over time, their initial programme budgets are set and they will not have the capacity to respond to unsolicited requests for funding.

BecomingX Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (1188861) and a 501(c)(3) in the USA.