Greatness isn't born. It's learned.

Inspiration only gets you so far. It can spark an idea and challenge our assumptions about ourselves, but it’s only through continued exposure to ideas, reinforcement of core concepts and through gaining practical experiences that we can really grow and learn. That’s why we are focused on helping educators to deliver world-class personal development programmes to help their students develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships that we know will really help them succeed.

BecomingX Education

Help your students to realise their potential. With BecomingX Education, you are equipped to deliver a personal development programme that builds the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships that are needed to succeed. Ready-to-play lessons presented by Bear Grylls, featuring insights from some of the world’s most inspiring people, plus strategies and tools, surveying, experiences and member benefits.

Inspiring. Powerful. Affordable. Find out how BecomingX Education can help everyone in your school to succeed.

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The Educators

What will it take to create an education system that will enable all young people to realise their potential? This was the question we posed to eight of the UK's top educators and commentators. In a series of highly personal films and podcasts, produced in collaboration with Capita, 'The Educators' share the challenges they see in the current education system and identify the urgent actions needed to ensure that every young person has the chance to succeed.  

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Request a live session from the BecomingX Education team to present to your school or class. With delivery available online and in person, we can help you deliver a highly engaging session to help build the confidence and skills to succeed.

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