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Greatness isn't born. It's learned.

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BecomingX Education is a digital solution to help schools deliver a world-class personal development programme. Heavily researched, developed by educational neuroscientists and featuring inspiring and informative insights from the some of the world's most inspiring people, BecomingX Education is designed to help everyone in your school to succeed.

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Lessons from Legends - commencement speech

Every student has the potential to achieve extraordinary things. We've heard that before haven't we? The platitudes that serve only to mislead and disappoint, seldom backed up with the hard messages of what it really takes to succeed. The truth is, it isn't easy. Life for students can be tough and the global pandemic made it even harder. As students return to school after 18 months of unprecedented disruption, we want to share an irrefutable truth with them in our commencement speech. Greatness isn't born. It's learned.

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