Turbocharged personal development.

We built BecomingX Education for one purpose only. To help schools deliver truly exceptional personal development and PSHE programmes. Top quality content. Heavily researched. Inspiring contributors. Beautifully presented. Helpful tools. Highly flexible. Easy to use. It’s designed to equip any school with a best-in-class solution that really delivers for teachers, inspectors and most importantly, the students.

Inspired. Informed. Unstoppable.

Developing ambitious, self-aware and determined students is no easy task. BecomingX Education equips schools with the real stories of some the world’s most inspiring people – those that have lived extraordinary lives, with hard won lessons that give hope to students who may otherwise doubt their own potential. With a highly practical approach to learning, BecomingX Education helps students build the skills, character and resilience needed to succeed.

Save time. Every time.

We help teachers do what they do best. To teach. BecomingX Education takes the hard work out of preparation and delivery. Every lesson, assembly and discussion has a full lesson plan and beautifully created slides with cinema quality films. Any supporting resources and handouts are also ready to go at the touch of a button. Less planning. More impact.

"BecomingX Education will make a real difference to the personal development of young people around the world - helping them to grow and to realise their potential."

Jim Hawkins, Chancellor at Whittle School & Studios, former Head Master of Harrow

To know them is to love them.

BecomingX Education equips schools with a powerful surveying capability to really understand their students, identify areas of development and to track their progress on personal development. Using advanced data analytics and benchmarking, schools can get accurate and comparable data to help them really support their students to realise their potential.

Those who can, teach.

You need more than just a great programme and great content to help young people to realise their potential. You need great teachers who feel fully equipped to inspire and engage their students. This is why BecomingX Education provides practical teaching guidance, insights and advice from top educators and academics, and a collection of helpful external resources. Students succeed when teachers succeed and we help them every step of the way.

"Children don't learn things like problem solving and creativity by accident. BecomingX Education helps teachers to build the skills and confidence that our students so desperately need to succeed."

Andria Zafirakou, 2018 Global Teacher Prize winner

Experience. The teacher of all things.

We learn best through doing. BecomingX Education provides classroom-based experiences, curated local activities and a series of international trips that are designed to specifically build the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships we know are needed to succeed. Saving time and money, whilst helping students learn in practice.

Rewarding to the last.

BecomingX Education provides a series of benefits and discounts for both schools and staff members, saving money on retail, health and fitness, food, technology, travel and experiences. Designed to complement staff health and wellbeing programmes, the ever-expanding list of rewards in BecomingX Education represents a saving of over £100 a year for a typical staff member. We know it’s the small things that can make a big difference.